Golden Crown Literary Award (Goldie)

By Silvia Shaw

Three hundred years ago, its most powerful talisman, a medallion called the Circle of Sheda, was taken through the portal and lost.

An epic story of magic, heroism, love, and treachery, Rand is a magical world ruled by an imperial line of Queens.

When Dr. Savannah Cole is on an archeology dig in Algeria, she takes shelter from a violent sandstorm and discovers the mysterious artifact under a Berber ruin. She soon learns unknown forces are at play, powerful secret forces beyond her control. Compelled to wear the medallion, she’s swept through the portal into Rand. There she must forge a new life and embrace her role as the wielder of ancient magic.

Never before has someone from the ‘other world’ been chosen to bear the medallion, someone not a warrior. It’s a puzzle Savannah must solve before it’s too late. Why has she been chosen? As she battles demonic creatures and dark sorcery, she fights to take her place as the rightful bearer in the long line of warrior women.

But the question remains. What is coming that the lost medallion must resurface after so many years?

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