Ravished By Her

The Mainely Books Club Series, Book 8

By Chelsea M. Cameron

Gwen didn't expect her most challenging job to turn into a challenge for her heart.

Every day I look forward to waking up in my beautiful apartment and going to my job in marketing at a real estate agency. Then life turns upside down when the company goes under and I can’t find another job that will pay enough for me to keep my apartment. Everything seems hopeless until my twin sister, Sterling, offers to let me stay in the converted van she used to live in while I get on my feet as a freelancer.

The small town of Arrowbridge, Maine, isn’t where I thought I would end up, but I did miss my sister, so it wouldn’t be all bad. One day, Sterling tells me about a new Arrowbridge resident who needs some help staging their house to sell. The job is right up my alley, so I go over to see what I can do.

The house, to put it mildly, is an utter disaster, and my interaction with the owner, Lacey Pierce, isn’t much better. Still, I need the money, and I see the job as a challenge that I want to conquer. Working with Lacey isn’t easy, but there’s something about her that keeps me coming back, day after day. Lacey is just as closed off as I am, and I like teasing her and watching her slowly open up. One night, she invites me over and things escalate as we both give in to the desire we’ve been trying to ignore. Our chemistry is combustible, but since neither of us have plans to stick around Arrowbridge, anything that happens between us is temporary.

There’s only one problem: the intensity of my feelings for Lacey are anything but temporary.

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