Ravished by My Robot Car

The Mara and KATT Sex Chronicles, Book 3

By Riley Rose

Mara and her AI car partner KATT must stop the world's greatest and sexiest thief!

Sexy and kick-ass Navajo special agent Mara Keoni is off to Paris to stop the world’s most famous thief, Carla Santiago, from stealing one of the most iconic landmarks in France. Her loyal AI car partner KATT is along for the ride and of course will do everything she can to help Mara on her mission. And do everything she can to make Mara into a submissive sex toy.

To make things even more challenging, Mara will have to get past Carla’s sexy henchwomen, all expert criminals who seem to want a piece of Mara’s hot, naked ass.

Will Mara be able to take down the felonious females without succumbing to her desire to be dominated by all of them? Will Carla tempt her into more sexy shenanigans? And will Mara and KATT take their relationship to the next level?

Find out how much sexy fun Mara and KATT get up to in Book 3 of this action erotica series!

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