Rays of Sarah

The Royal Pack Series, Book 2

By Hadiya Hayes

A trans male, an Alpha werewolf and a witch walk into a bar.

Riak and Sarah are doing great. Sarah is slowly but surely getting a hang of her magic, and Riak’s Alpha puberty went on without a hitch. All in all mated life is treating them well, and they are becoming closer than ever. But that can only last so long, and Riak’s Mother bursts that bubble when she announces that she’s found Riak’s human mate.

Enter Ray; a trans male with a big heart who finds himself instantly drawn to Sarah.

He’s told Riak is who he’ll be mating, but can’t help being absolutely taken by the witch she’s already mated to. Sarah doesn’t give him the time of day, and either way Ray tries to stay in his lane. It’s kind of hard to do so when Riak sniffs out his attraction and decides then and there that they should be in a throuple. Sarah just can’t know about it yet; Ray has to get her to fall in love with him first.

What transpires next is a story that shows there is no limit to love, no timeframe for forgiveness, and true happiness is what you make it.

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