Red Wine and Mint Cake

The Life of Lucy Series, Book 2

By Alysia D Evans

Can Lucy and Jaz’s relationship deal with Lucy’s boredom and wandering eye?

It had only taken Lucy two weeks to fall in love with Jaz. She had shown Lucy what love truly was and saved her from an abusive husband. But living away from her home town is making Lucy feel insecure. She needs more of Jaz’s time and attention to help her find a way through her new life.

But Jaz is merrily enjoying her days, busy working, helping out her family and coming home to the love of her life. Jaz doesn’t realise that she and Lucy have problems, and through her actions is repeatedly letting Lucy down. Causing their relationship to fall from wonder to despair.

Will the two of them be able to reconcile and re-align their lives to take on the challenges the future may bring.

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