Reindeer Games

The Denver Defiant Series, Book 1.5

By Finley Chuva

One fake relationship, two best friends, three days...what could go wrong?

Charlotte Sutton is an honest person. Perhaps that’s why, when she does lie, it turns into a mess. She invented a girlfriend as a way to get out of one too many hangouts with her Denver Defiant teammates, but now it’s coming back to bite her.

Danielle “Dani” Gilbert is not Charlotte’s girlfriend. But she’s also not one to turn down an all-expenses-paid ski resort getaway, even if it means pretending that she is. After all, it’s only three days, and she and Charlotte will just be two friends doing a little acting. What could possibly go wrong?

Except for the fact that Charlotte maybe, possibly, might want the whole thing to be real.

So. There is that.

Reindeer Games is a holiday romance novella. It is part of the Denver Defiant series but can be read as a standalone.

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