Remember Me

By Noelle Winters

Sometimes the worst circumstances lead to the brightest moments.

Can a parent ever recover from the loss of a child? Three years after the disappearance of her daughter, Katy Sommers is still reeling. The world keeps spinning, but just as she starts to move on, she opens a letter and finds a picture enclosed. It’s her daughter, obviously older. When the investigation kicks off anew, Katy must draw upon all of the skills she’s honed in the past three years to survive. But she didn’t count on Alex Mitchell.

Special Agent Alex Mitchell is living in the shadow of a recent case, but she’s forced to turn her focus to helping Katy find her daughter. She expected hard work and high emotions, but she didn’t expect to fall in love. It’s temporary, just a fling, and when a wrench is thrown into their lives, Alex is left uncertain of where they stand and where life will take her.

But the kidnapper isn’t done. When their fragile bond is pushed to the limit, Katy and Alex have to decide just how far they will go for love and family.

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