The Kanyon & Daylen Series, Book 4

By K.B. Draper

The only question left to answer is "Can true love really conquer all?" Only time will tell...

Kanyon McKane and Daylen Elliott have, for the most part, finally gotten their Guardian and Seeker relationship hang-ups worked out. Kanyon is all over the protective gig, and Daylen is serving up some serious emotional mojo. Oh, and the fated love thing is going pretty well too. Which in Hollywood speak means “cue the chaos.” Lexi Cruze, Kanyon’s kind-of sort-of ex and self-assigned nemesis, has agreed to play hostess to the biggest, baddest chic in town. Okay technically, Ma’at, an evil deity on a serious power trip, isn’t a permanent resident of this plane just yet, but that all could change if she and her new human sock puppet find a certain pocket watch with the ability to turn back time. And if finding a sin-infused article, outmaneuvering Lexi, dealing with Blue—’cause that’s just their life now—and saving the world wasn’t enough on their to-do list, add dealing with answers to decade-old questions. As past secrets and present consequences collide, an Old West showdown, literally, in the park changes everything. Kanyon sacrifices herself and her most meaningful role ever to save Daylen’s life. Guardian – Seeker no more, the only question left to answer is “Can true love really conquer all?” Only time will tell …

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