Return to Bane House

By Anne Hagan

An ancient evil lurks in a charming Ohio small town.

When Willow and Jennifer move to the charming town of Zanesville, Ohio, they expect to find tranquility in their new home. But soon after arriving, Willow senses a sinister presence lurking in the shadows. Her suspicions are confirmed when she witnesses her eccentric boss at the library, Martha, leading a mysterious ritual at the decrepit Bane House on the edge of town.

Determined to protect themselves and their new community, Willow and Jennifer begin unraveling the disturbing history of the abandoned farmhouse and the tragic fate of a young woman named Charlotte, whose ghost haunts its halls. But their investigation takes a frightening turn when Jennifer falls under the influence of an evil pendant given to her by Martha.

Racing against time and dark mystical forces, Willow and Jennifer must work together to expose the secrets of Martha’s coven before they can unleash dangerous magic on the eve of the Harvest Moon. Joined by brave friends and townspeople, the two women engage in a final, high-stakes confrontation with the witches in the ruins of Bane House.

Will Willow and Jennifer’s bond withstand this ultimate test? Can they defeat the coven and free their town from its nefarious grip? Find out in this spine-tingling tale of romantic suspense, paranormal horror, and heroic courage against the occult.

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