Reverie Girl

The Reverie Series, Book 2

By Nico J. Genes

Are true love and the burning desire to have someone in your life forever worth fighting for?

Have you ever had a dream which was so vivid and intense that you felt it simply had to be real? Were you really able to fully distinguish the dream from the real world? If so… which one did you prefer?

Claire is a young woman who only accepted her sexuality after an enlightening trip to India. Soon after, she falls head over heels in love with a gorgeous girl, Lana, a woman she meets only by pure chance during a captivating encounter at Vienna’s Airport terminal between flights. This love seems far from being reciprocated and rather hopeless. Or is it?

Lana meets Claire whilst going from Slovenia en route to America while making plans for her perfect married life. This encounter reveals the essence of who she is within. She discovers a new side to herself. She becomes torn between two worlds and must decide. Whatever her decision, there will be consequences. She can suppress her feelings and memories during the day. But can she control them in her dreams?

Will her dreams be strong enough to make Lana follow her heart?

Reverie Girl is the second book from The Reverie series but can be read as standalone too.

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