Rhythm Riders

By Lina George

Nicole & Bea are cycling instructors at a famous fitness studio.

At Apogee, the world’s top connected fitness company, Nicole Fine’s plummeting ratings have landed her on a precarious 90-day probation. As a spin instructor on the brink of losing everything, she’s desperate for a solution.

Enter Beatrice Starr, Apogee’s promising new talent who stumbled on her debut, thereby becoming the internet’s favorite joke. With a razor-thin 30-day probation, Beatrice is in hotter water than Nicole.

With their careers hanging by a thread, Beatrice pitches a bold idea. Drawing inspiration from two coworkers whose (real) engagement boosted their popularity, Nicole and Beatrice launch a (faux) romance that suddenly has subscribers interested in taking their classes again. The plan seems foolproof, with Apogee’s legion of fans eagerly lapping up Nicole and Bea’s every move. But as their staged attraction begins to spark genuine feelings, nothing is as easy as it seems.

Their relationship teeters on the edge of destruction when Beatrice overhears Apogee’s CEO make a decision that has the potential to ruin everything. Can the ladies now salvage their careers AND their budding romance?

Rhythm Riders is a heartwarming sapphic romcom where ambition meets passion. Dive into this romance about discovery, identity, and the dizzying world of online fame. With a sizzling slow burn and a compelling twist, Rhythm Riders is about choosing hope and discovering that sometimes, the best plans are unplanned.

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