Riding the Storm

By Franci McMahon

Kate unexpectedly falls in love while dealing with the danger her father creates.

Kate Duncan can’t remember a time when she felt in control. She can’t control her father’s drinking or find or erase the dark place in his past that makes him fix horse races. Someday she wants to take over the racehorse training ranch, but that desire dims from the harsh glare of reality. She has averted disaster one too many times. After her Mother leaves, taking Kate’s little sister with her, she understands what a heavy weight will rest on her shoulders. At least Chogan is there to share the load.

Chogan Hungry Horse, Blackfoot and two-spirit, is the ranch jockey, and the person who leads Kate gently in opening her eyes. For the first time Kate has someone in her life who hears and sees her. Chogan gives her a language to speak about the pain in her family and opens a place in her heart. Danger grows in the beauty of Montana compelling them to discover the driving force.

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