Risking Her Heart

By Lindsey Pennington

Georgia isn't ready to find love again.

What do you do when your world falls apart?

You go home.

But what if that home hasn’t been home for far too long?

Award-winning photographer Georgia Quinn lost her family years ago for loving the wrong person. A woman who became her everything without them in her life. After her passing, Georgia’s lost. Now she is back in Minnesota to help her mom through cancer treatments, giving her something to focus on. Because her camera has lost all its appeal.

Staying at her family’s lake house should be relaxing, but her mom isn’t exactly a good patient and her sister is avoiding her. Add to that, her mom demands she hide that she’s gay, something she hasn’t done since leaving them behind. Making getting out of the house a priority, her walks on the beach with her dog a lifeline. Running into the daughter of her mom’s best friend gave her something to look forward to.

Her silly teenage crush is all grown up and still oblivious to how Georgia sees her. Which is fine, because Georgia’s not over her wife. What she needs is a friend, and Olivia Janes is someone she can talk to when her family won’t. In return, Georgia pushes Liv to take her first tentative steps into the dating world after her divorce.

But what happens when Georgia starts to see Liv as more than a friend? Will her family send her away again, this time for good? Is she willing to risk her heart that is just starting to heal?

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