Rival To The CEO

The CEO Series Series, Book 5

By Emily Hayes

It was her first day at the new job and she had already clashed big time with the super hot CEO

Clashing with the stunning CEO of your new company on your first day perhaps isn’t the best career move, is it?

Melanie Fox has got the promotion of her life to Head of Sales for a multi million dollar company. Melanie knows she is the best at her job and all she has to do now for the future of her career is convince the CEO, Vanessa Reiss, of her brilliance.

But, Vanessa doesn’t agree with her sales strategy for their new product; in fact, Vanessa strongly disagrees and Melanie isn’t the kind of woman to back down.

She’s clashing with her new boss at every turn and sparks are flying between them, but she can’t help but be blown away by the force of nature that is CEO Vanessa Reiss, the most attractive and impressive woman she has ever met.

Melanie can’t stop thinking about her boss, and also about the fierce rivalry between them.

Where will the intensity between them lead to? And will Melanie ever get what she wants professionally and personally?

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