Sequel to Watching Cars Go By

By D.J. Fronimos and Elke Lakey

Even cute blondes have to make hard choices when it comes to love, especially when they want a baby

Silke has newly professed her love for Lauren, but her happiness is short-lived when Lauren’s grown daughter moves back home to recuperate after an accident. Lauren, overwhelmed with working at night and taking care of Kayla during the day, struggles to make time for Silke and their fledgling relationship. Silke hates her sudden roommate status and soon resents Kayla. Still Lauren stubbornly refuses to come out to her daughter.

Sexy Ana, who still carries a torch for Silke, is more than willing to come to the rescue. Frustrated by her home situation, Silke enjoys hanging out with the chivalrous Ana. Suddenly Alex from Germany shows up and claims she and Silke are still an item. Aware it was Silke’s life choices that broke them up and not the lack of mutual attraction, Alex manipulates her into spending time together. After all, it’s hard to ignore an ex who knows how to push all your buttons, especially if you’ve never stopped caring.

Against all odds, Lauren and Silke prevail. Lauren even accompanies Silke to Germany for a family crisis. Watching her niece reminds Silke how much she wants her own baby, and she is devastated when Lauren is perfectly fine with having been there and done that already.

Can Silke and Lauren overcome their biggest roadblock and somehow compromise? Or has Silke’s baby wish become a deal breaker?

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