Romancing Celia

The Valley Springs Sweathearts Series, Book 2

By Parker Love

She never thought her past would let her fall for another woman.

Ann Johnson has a problem—she’s in love with her best friend. Last year in a ploy to help a local man, she “ordered” Celia McCarthy as his bride. The partnership didn’t work, and in the fallout Ann lost her heart to the opinionated, sparky woman. Before Celia could return to the hustle and bustle of New York, Ann offered her a job in the boardinghouse she runs. A brilliant plan, until it left her working side by side with the woman she loves.

Celia blossoms in her new role at the boardinghouse, even begins to seek out suitors. But when she sees Ann walking out with another woman, she gets confused, wondering if she’s losing her best friend. Her emotions are stronger than any she’s felt before, and she’s not sure she understands them. Can Celia navigate her emotions before Ann moves on? And will the heat she feels for Ann be enough to let her and Ann face a world that may not be ready for two women walking out together?

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