Rub on Her

The Herding Love Series, Book 1

By Emily Alter

Exploring kink had never been more alluring

Natalia knows who she is and what she likes, but not how to let people in.

Blanca knows her worth and potential as a fantasy writer, but she doesn’t know what she has to offer in close quarters.

Marina knows the ropes as a Domme, but relationships haven’t always been her thing.

Natalia didn’t think the other two women would rub off on her like they do. Volunteering together at an animal sanctuary first, and later finding them in a group chat for kinky women means she can’t get them out of her head, even if she wants to.

Rub on Her includes: brave faces, hoods, puppy play, kink exploration, a woman who can’t go for what she wants, another who goes too hard too fast, and lots of (consensual) humping.

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