Running From H.E.L.L

The We Are H.E.L.L. Series, Book 2

By J C Rowe

Prom night was meant to be the best night of Elsie and Lu's senior year of high school. Instead, it turned out to be the worst after a series of unlucky events.

Now, wanted for murder and escaping police custody, Elsie and Lu are on the run from both the law and the retaliation of the mafia after killing one of their own.

Plagued with awful memories, regrets, and worry about being caught and having to go to prison for the rest of their lives, both girls have to rely on each other to get through each day.

It seems as though Elsie’s wish definitely did come true, when she wished she didn’t have a boring life. Now she has to keep running, so she doesn’t end up in hell.

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