Runway Riot

House of Bolton Series, Book 4

By MJ Green

Model with stalker problem falls for Mafia bodyguard

Modelling wasn’t the glamourous job portrayed in the media. It wasn’t all glitzy parties, fashion shows, and photoshoots. There was also the long hours being fitted for garments, of being told how to walk and when to smile. But for Addison, none of that mattered so long as she got paid. Several years of living on the streets after living in a world of excess had given her a new look on life, and she no longer took anything for granted.

But there was a darker side to the modelling world that wasn’t talked about.

There were people who viewed models as nothing more than mannequins with a heartbeat.

Men who refused to take ‘No’ for an answer… and those who thought Addison’s sexuality was something that could be changed with the right partner. Yeah, that wasn’t happening.

Then there were the stalkers. Addison had had her fair share of them since taking up the modelling contract with House of Bolton. But none of them had required Addison to be saddled with a bodyguard – Clio Di’lorio.

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