Safely Home

The Friends and Lovers Series, Book 2

By Lyn Denison

Can you leave the past behind and come safely home?

There’s a stranger in town. Carolyn Winter is cool, in control and content with her single life. She’s certainly not looking for a relationship. Been there, done that, not pleasant. She has all she needs at the moment. A new job and a new home.

And when someone, an attractive someone, is catapulted into her life, and keeps reappearing, she tells herself nothing can happen. It’s far too complicated. Isn‘t it?

A prodigal sister returns. Tess Wainwright has never been in love. She knows she’s run away from everything. The only worthy thing she’s done is raise Bronte and the nine-year-old deserves more than life has dealt her. Now it’s time for Tess to finish getting her life in order, find some normality, reunite with her older sister, and hopefully make a better life for herself and Bronte.

Of course the universe has never been Tess’s friend and it looks like it’s running true to form. Her sister, an army nurse, is deployed to Afghanistan, but she assures Tess her friends will help her settle back into life in her home town. Liv, Mac and Dee are doing just that and Tess starts to think, universe aside, for once she’s made the right decision.

Then that same universe has a change of heart, quite literally, and sets two lonely women on a collision course.

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