Sailing Into Her Heart

By A. Goswami

Finding Love On The High Seas!

When Natalie’s dreams of becoming a violinist in an orchestra fall through once more, she finds solace in the familiar decks of a cruise ship, working as a bartender. This time, however, her journey at sea is stirred by the presence of Tara, the newlywed wife of Natalie’s best friend, Akshay. Akshay’s delayed arrival, held back by work commitments for two weeks, leaves Tara and Natalie to navigate the vast, open waters together.

Despite Tara straying far from Natalie’s usual type, an irresistible pull draws them closer, weaving a complex web of emotions. Amidst the endless blue, Natalie battles a storm within—torn between her loyalty to Akshay and the undeniable feelings blossoming for Tara, who illuminates her life in ways she hadn’t anticipated.

What do you do when your heart leans towards someone off-limits? Staying away proves difficult as they’re drawn to each other with an unexplainable force. Ignoring her feelings becomes impossible for Natalie, as her heart is set on a course to bridge the distance between them, no matter how vast the ocean…

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