Santa’s Secret

By JA Armstrong

For eighteen years, Charlotte Klaus lived a sunny life as an aerospace engineer and professor in Florida.

But when her father needed her help back home in Qeqertarsuaq, Greenland, to take over the family business, she packed her bags and returned to the Arctic. After ten years of running the family business and raising her daughter, Magda, Charlotte’s friends and family can see she’s lonely. In fact, Magda has a special Christmas wish for her mom—to find love again.

But there’s a problem. How can Magda send a letter to Santa at the North Pole when her mom is Santa Claus and lives in Greenland? Luckily, Charlotte’s elf secretary, Eli, has wise advice: say a prayer instead. And soon enough, a new resident arrives in their small village.

Dr. Rowan McCarthy is an Irish geologist on a one-year contract to study the volcanic landscape of Disko Island. She makes an immediate impression on its residents—especially Charlotte and Magda. A friendship blossoms into romance between the football-playing, nature-loving geologist and the affable Charlotte Klaus. Charlotte still has not shared her secret, and she fears life in Greenland will lose its luster for Rowan.

But with a bit of magic and a lot of love, perhaps Santa will get an unexpected Christmas present after all.

Forget everything you know about Santa Claus in this light-hearted, family-friendly holiday romance from JA Armstrong. Everyone deserves love—even a single lesbian mom who is an aerospace engineer and who happens to be Santa Claus

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