Say You Love Me

By Rachel Murphy

Why say how you feel when you can show it?

Two years after Brooke Lewis had her heart broken and life turned upside down, she was convinced she would never find love again. Nor did she want to. After reluctantly agreeing to her best friend’s pleas to start dating again, she tried and failed. Until the bartender on one of her dates threw her for a loop and made her question everything.

Taylor Thompson didn’t believe in soulmates or love at first sight, but she definitely felt something the first moment she laid eyes on Brooke at the bar. Something that only intensified the more time they spent together.

As Brooke deals with increasing worries over her mother’s health, and tries to protect her own heart, Taylor blissfully finds herself falling even more head over heels.

This steamy, age-gap romance will leave you longing for more and rooting for two women who just can’t seem to tell the other how much they truly care.

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