Second Chance with the Demon

The Loved by the Demon Series, Book 5

By Chace Verity

Is it possible to start again with the demon who turned her heart into a pile of ashes?

Crystal Barefield loves developing romance-focused video games at FlirtHoney, but her office is a trash fire of misogynistic coworkers and crunchy deadlines. In order to survive the toxic environment, she has to keep to herself and refrain from showing emotions. Her isolating lifestyle has worked fine for years, but everything crumbles when she reunites with the demon she wanted to forget.

It’s been eighteen years since Crystal last saw her demon ex-girlfriend. Meena still has a voracious appetite for food, fire, flirting, and making sure Crystal’s happy. Being with the demon again reminds Crystal of all the stuff she was missing in life, but she can’t give up her dreams of making games—and she can’t forget the way Meena disappeared so suddenly all those years ago.

When FlirtHoney’s CEO introduces a new direction for the company, Crystal’s career is at risk of going up in flames. Between an assignment that goes against her ethics and a charming fire demon melting her icy exterior, unwanted paths start to emerge. If Crystal doesn’t find the route that will lead to her happy ending, it’s game over for her dreams.

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