Second Chances

By Eliza Lentzski

Can you ever really get a second chance?

High school can be Hell. Especially when you grow up in a small town where everyone knows your business and you can’t avoid the gossip about your past. That’s why, as soon as she graduated, Reagan Murphy moved to New York City to start again. Now in her junior year at NYU and with her childhood positioned in the rearview mirror, the future looks limitless. But when she unexpectedly runs into the one person responsible for the misery of her high school years, will she keep running or will she stick around long enough for a second chance?

Allison Hoge, statuesque and beautiful, made sure she remained at the top of the social pyramid even if it meant stepping on a few heads to get there. But even she had her own secrets to evade after graduation. College can change a person – it can be a new start – an opportunity for reinvention. So when she unexpectedly runs into the one person for whom she made high school especially miserable, will history repeat itself or has she changed enough to be given a second chance?

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