Second Chances

By C. K. Martin

She's found true love, but is it too late?

Meet Amber, a woman with a knack for causing chaos and squandering her potential. But when she finds herself in a one-on-one with Death, things take a wickedly funny turn.

Death herself offers Amber a shot at redemption – eleven extra hours to make amends for her misadventures. As Amber stumbles through awkward apologies and re-lives a lifetime of misdeeds, she and Death find themselves in an unconventional love story. Who knew that the Grim Reaper had a soft spot for the living?

Get ready for a rollercoaster ride of dark humor, absurd situations, and unexpected connection. In this quirky tale of atonement and love, Death and Amber teach us that even those who have made the biggest mistakes deserve a second chance.

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