Second Nature

Golden Crown Literary Award (Goldie)

Rainbow Award

E-Lit Award

The Shape-Shifter Series, Book 1

By Jae

She has been sent to kill the human, not to fall in love with her

For solitary novelist Jorie Price, true love seems as fictional as the shape-shifting creatures she writes about in her paranormal romances.

Griffin Westmore doesn’t believe in love either, but she’s one of those not-so-fictional shape-shifters who secretly live among humans.

When Jorie’s writing gets uncomfortably close to the truth, Griffin is sent to investigate and, if necessary, kill the author to protect the secrets of her kind.

But when Griffin unexpectedly finds herself drawn to Jorie, her world is turned upside-down. Hell, she’s supposed to kill the human, not fall in love with her! How can she complete her mission now?

This lesbian paranormal romance is part one in Jae’s award-winning Shape-Shifter series but can be read as a standalone novel.

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