Secret Santa

By Monica Benítez

As head of the sales department, Adela Vazquez is all business in her crisp suits — serious, efficient, and unwilling to cross professional boundaries.

Not that she is unkind. Indeed, she’s scrupulously fair.

Elena, one of her assistants, is a different story. Warm and cheerful, she’s the glue holding the department together. She’s developed a secret crush on Adela over their year working together. But crippling shyness keeps her feelings bottled up tight.

When the office’s Secret Santa pairs them up, shy Elena sees a chance to reveal her feelings anonymously. She pours her secret admiration into a letter left with Adela’s gift, expressing everything she feels and doesn’t dare to tell her in person.

When Adela reads the letter, her disbelief turns to intrigue. For the first time in months, she has a strong motivation: to find out who is hiding behind those sincere words.

While Adela plans to discover her secret Santa, Elena will do everything she can to avoid being discovered. She will continue to send anonymous letters, hoping to win her over, even if she knows she will have to face her feelings sooner or later.

Will Adela discover her secret Santa’s identity? And if she does, will Elena be able to express her feelings?

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