Sex with My Robot Car

Box Set Books 1-3

By Riley Rose

Mara Fights Crime with her New AI Partner KATT and Lets Her Try Out All Her Sexy Gadgets!

Mara Keoni is a sexy Navajo special agent who just got the unlikeliest of partners: the most advanced and kinky AI on the planet!
Mara is teamed up with KATT, a female AI inside a super-up sports car. Who is not only eager to help Mara on her missions. But also eager to pleasure Mara in every way possible.

Will Mara and KATT be able to stop the world’s sexiest thief, Carla Santiago, and her band of beautiful criminals from committing the crime of the century? Will Mara submit to KATT’s wonderfully kinky toys? And how far will she be willing to take her relationship with her new AI partner?
Find out in this action, comedy erotica filled with super-fun sex and adventure!

This set contains Books 1-3 of The Mara and KATT Sex Chronicles:
Book 1 – Submitting to My Robot Car
Book 2 – Seduced by My Robot Car
Book 3 – Ravished by My Robot Car

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