Sexy Time Cop

Cowgirl and Pirate Sluts

The Sexy Time Cop Series, Book 1

By Riley Rose

A Sexy Time Cop gets it on with the hottest people in history!

Riley Shu is a Time Cop, traveling to amazing periods in the past to stop criminals from altering the timeline. And having sex with some of the hottest men and women in history!

The sexy Time Cop has to save Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday from a future felon and gets in some kinky cowgirl fun along the way. Then it’s off to the Caribbean and the Golden Age of Piracy for some submissive shenanigans with the most famous female pirate of all time: Anne Bonny!

Will Riley let Doc unload his sexy six shooter in her? Will she let Anne practice her amazing rope tying skills on her naked body? And how much will all this kinky sex change the timeline?

Find out in Book 1 of this sexy, sci-fi journey through time!

A time travel sci-fi erotica with a sexy Asian protagonist and featuring lesbian and bisexual sex, cowboy and pirate BDSM, spanking, squirting, sex toys, and lots of time travel rule violations through kinky bondage!

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