Shaolin Sluts

The Shaolin Sluts Series, Book 1

By Riley Rose

Hannah tries to become the Sex Fighting World Champion!

Hannah Han loves martial arts. And loves sex! So Sex Fighting is the perfect sport for her.

But after losing a bout in the Sex Fighting Championships of America to her biggest rival in particularly submissive fashion, she vows to take her sex training to a whole new level.

To do that, she must travel to China to train with Mei-Ling Li, the greatest Sex Fighter in history.

Will Hannah be able to withstand the intense (and completely nude) martial arts and sex training Mei-Ling puts her through? Will she learn the secrets of Sex Fu? And will she be able to defeat a grup of rival students who want to turn her into a submissive slut?

Find out in Shaolin Sluts, the sexiest kung fu fighters on the planet!

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