She’ll Find Me

By Laikyn Meng

Cameron didn't believe in heaven, but she knew how hot hell burned, especially after meeting Cooper King.

Dear Lesbian Jesus, may I call you LJ? ♥
It’s me, Cameron Monroe.
Are you trying to screw with me? Is Cooper King a test? Because I fail entirely and absolutely beyond straight girl recognition.
I thought denial was supposed to be a safe place.
I can’t even say the L word out loud, would never dare admit it to my parents. They wouldn’t be disappointed; they would want a refund on their adopted daughter.

Dear Vagina Goddess, formerly known as VG the DJ. ★
Take pity on my soul. I know my reputation isn’t the best. But I swear it was all fun; nobody got hurt until Cameron came along. Being every bit adorable and my ultimate weakness.
Forgive me for saying this, but I can smell her innocence from here, and I bet she tastes even sweeter. Can you blame me for being tempted by her beauty?
You’re right, you’re right, it will be safer for me in the end. Because when you fall in love with me, there is always an end.

True love is out there; here is hoping, She’ll Find Me.

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