Silver Beasts

The Mapmaking Magicians Series, Book 1

By Emma Sterner-Radley

When silver beasts threaten their world, they must learn to sail and to fight.

Silver beasts, lack of provisions, royal intrigue, and cloaked threats plague this realm. Four eighteen-year-olds are chosen to attend the Hall of Explorers academy to train their minds, bodies, and magic, to sail and find a new world.

Before they brave the unknown seas, they must complete their training. Not to mention getting to know each other and become a tight-knit team, despite some infected secrets and distracting romances. However, troubling incidents soon make that even harder than it should be. Not knowing who to trust makes it worse.

They will have to face their individual issues and overcome them together if they’re to avoid becoming puppets in a game where they don’t understand the rules. Or worse, die before even finishing their training.

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