The Ilia Archives Series

By Cameron Montague Taylor

In the old city of Ilia, the hunter becomes the haunted.

When the hunter…
…becomes the haunted.

Second-rate ghosthunter Anya Iteri is the black sheep of a family of metalweavers—powerful mages who can forge iron, shape steel, and even bend blood. Down on her luck and struggling to pay rent, she bribes her little brother, a city guide, to let her drum up business on one of his tours.

The plan is simple. Summon a hibernating ghost to give the tour a show, return it to its slumber, and collect a hefty tip. But the moment the tour begins, Anya encounters a ghost of a different kind: Eleira Soti, talented hunter and former love of her life, newly returned to the city after years away. El’s familiar face leaves Anya fighting distraction and attraction alike on the city’s most haunted grounds.

The night goes from bad to worse when a malignant spirit emerges from the veil, bent on destroying the tour and everyone on it. Racing against time, Anya must team up with El to trap the ghost, save her brother, and prove, once and for all, that her abilities aren’t as second-rate as others think.

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