Sing the Blues

The NOL Series, Book 2

By Leigh Landry

Exes become neighbors in a New Orleans duplex.

Baking brownies for her new neighbor sounds like an excellent plan… until Sage discovers she’s now sharing a duplex with her ex. Hiding and avoiding the woman is sapping her creative energy, but Sage can’t afford another inevitable heartbreak.

Brooke swore she’d never feel stuck anywhere again, so she created a challenge: live in all fifty states before she turns forty. She’s hopping from state to state, renovating old houses, but living next door to her ex was not part of the plan.

While Brooke is committed to the road, Sage has made New Orleans her home. They can’t deny the fact that Brooke will leave once again, but sharing a front porch makes it nearly impossible to resist their attraction.

Sing the Blues is a sweet, second chance, f/f romance about finding the courage to take a risk and learning what “home” really means.

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