Slaying Dragons

By McGee Mathews

After watching her partner slip away from mental illness, she found support where she least expected it.

Dani Powell’s life had been a series of extreme highs and the devastating lows. Medications and the therapy sessions keep her centered on her art, music, and painting. All a reflection of where her mind is at that moment in time. As she struggles to keep the chaos at bay her partner Andrea Fenwick is her safe port in a stormy ocean

Andrea Fenwick juggles a busy accounting job while trying to keep her partner Dani grounded. Their lives together have had their ups and downs, but Andrea never expect the downs to be rock bottom. She’d determined to keep Dani afloat even if it means her best may not be good enough this time.

Tommie Andrews, a computer whiz and occasional dog trainer, discovers she’s developing a crush on her friend and co-worker Andrea. The more she tries to be supportive of Andrea,
the more apparent it becomes that friendship may be the most she can hope for. The timing couldn’t be worse. Or could it?

When will things get better for the three women? First, they must define “better.”

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