Slippery When What?

The Birch Hearts Series, Book 13

By Elva Birch

Secrets and survival in the Alaskan wilderness

Felicity and Gina have nothing in common – until they are stuck together on the alpine tundra with a broken ATV as a rainstorm comes in. They have to work together to survive the weather, and Felicity makes a startling discovery.

Gina is a literal fox, and instinct is telling her that she can trust Felicity with her secrets, but instinct isn’t helpful about how to go about that!

Slippery When What? is a short story set in the same World of Instinct as A Day Care for Shifters and was previously published in Elva Birch’s Series Starter Set. It is a short F/F tale with secret crushes, ice queens, cuddling for warmth, and wilderness survival.

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