Snowed In

By Chloe Slate

Three coworkers, one blizzard, and a whole lot of new experiences

The forecast called for a light dusting of snow, but mother nature once again showed that she laughs at the predictions of mere humans, and now the whole county is blanketed with feet of it, making roads impassable. Becca, Kara, and their manager Morgan are unfortunately stuck together for the night, with only each other to provide company.

As a game of truth or dare begins, the aloof and reserved Morgan begins to open up, the brash and bold Kara never misses an opportunity to spice things up, and Becca…well, Becca is just happy to be here for the ride.

The night turns into one that the three women will never forget, full of passion, secrets, confessions, and a whole lot of winter fun…of the indoor variety, of course. Gotta stay warm somehow, right?

This tale of sapphic love is as sweet as it is hot, and is the perfect thing to read curled up next to a fire, if you think you can handle the heat. This book includes a trio of women enjoying each other’s pleasure, as well as characters discovering new ways to pleasure themselves.

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