Something About Eve

The Eve Sumptor Series, Book 1

By Jourdyn Kelly

A haunting and suspenseful novel about a woman who seems to have it all.

An unexpected friendship (and more) shows her just how much she’s been missing.

Eve Sumptor has it all. She’s beautiful, wealthy, successful, and sexy. But she is haunted by a past that should have destroyed her. Unable to free herself emotionally, Eve keeps her personal relationships at an arm’s length. Even if she secretly feels more than she wants to admit.

Lainey Stanton needs a change. She loves being a mother, but her marriage has become mundane. When her husband begins treating her like his mother instead of his wife, Lainey decides she needs to change. Going back to work – against her husband’s wishes – is just what she needs.

When Lainey begins working for Eve at Sumptor Gallery, an unexpected and passionate friendship develops between the two women. Just as Eve is beginning to learn how to open herself up emotionally, her past catches up to her. Now she finds herself having to save the lives of those she loves, or lose everything she has worked so hard to achieve.

This is a unique and powerful story of two completely different women who, through fate, find each other and teach each other how to love.

Contains bisexual/lesbian sexual situations. Not appropriate for audiences under 18.

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