Sophie and the Sea

By Cassidy Langue

Lost at Sea with My Worst Enemy

Sophie and Margo have been best friends since grade school. Every summer, they take two months to sail down the east coast into the Gulf of Mexico, chill out on sandy beaches, and generally enjoy the summer sun, water, and sand.

Vickie’s best friend is her twin sister, Margo. They get along in almost everything—everything except Margo’s other best friend, Sophie. Vickie’s hated Sophie for more than a decade.

Vickie takes the motorboat out far from shore one afternoon to enjoy some quiet time on the water when a belt breaks on her motor. Margo enlists Sophie’s help on the sailboat to pick up Vickie before a dangerous storm system moves in. In the rush to beat the storm back to shore, Margo stays behind to fix the motorboat while Sophie uses her expert sailing skills to get herself and Vickie back before the gale force winds hit—but they’re too late. Lost in the middle of the ocean with their boat damaged, how will Sophie and Vickie find a way past their differences to find shore and save themselves?

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