Soul Flames Volume 1

The Soul Flames Series, Book 2

By Issy Waldrom

Accepting herself lead to far more than she'd ever thought.

The demon king has been defeated, and a devastating war averted. The kingdom of Avaraline is on the slow road to recovery with Alysia at the helm.

Velvet sleeps, wrapped in magical crystal, Myne inactive, unwilling to do anything without her lover, the previous cost too high and too raw for them both.

But things are far from over. Ignoring that the demon king’s retinue are still at large, and the neighbouring kingdoms are restless because of what had transpired, the world is stirring, the winds of change are blowing, the world on the brink of another evolution, the consequences of which will be more far reaching than anyone realizes.

Destiny however has plans of its own. Chris, a young man discovering the truth about himself, and Rachael, a young woman hiding who she is, are both about to find themselves intertwined in the fate of the world.

When secrets come to the surface, the results can be far beyond what either party considered. Especially when they hail from an earlier age…

A sapphic trans story of finding oneself, of building relationships, and of getting intertwined in the schemes of beings known as the Ancients.


This story is the sequel to Dawn Weaver, and takes place some years after the first. It features two new main characters, though the cast from Dawn Weaver is not forgotten.

Note that this story is much heavier on the transgender themes than Dawn Weaver, and it comes into it from very early on in the story. The physical change itself don’t come into play until much later.

Volume 1 collects arcs 1- 3 of Soul Flames.

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