Soul Flames Volume 3

The Soul Flames Series, Book 4

By Issy Waldrom

They've done as they were asked, but that has only made things more complicated.

The Dawn Angel has returned, a pulse of magic tearing across the land.

But the ritual has done more than that, schemes and plans not working out as anyone had expected. The most obvious being the gifting of forms to the ancients, only known to those who were present. The changes flow deep, the world no longer the same as what it was.

For Crystal and Rachael though, they have finally fulfilled the task laid out before them, and the question now is, what next? Well, after the whole situation with Caylinhold that is. Promises were made.

For Ueana and the riders, their future is filled with just as many unknown, the only clue the ring and a name. Water.

But one thing is certain though. Once touched by the Ancients, forever involved.

Volume 3 collects arcs 5 to 7 of Soul Flames.

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