By Nicole Pyland

As long as people look for love, someone will be there to make profit on it.

SoulMatch promises people soulmates created just for them. The person simply needs to tell them what they want, give a little DNA, answer some questions, and in twenty-three years, a soulmate who loves them and is perfect for them in every way will be delivered. As people start creating soulmates for their children so that they don’t have to go out and find love themselves, the industry is booming.

But Theodora knows she wasn’t made for the man she’s supposed to marry in a few short months. She knows that because she doesn’t and can’t love any man – she was meant to love a woman. When one day, her best friend goes missing and a new student of SoulMatch School shows up in her place, everything changes fast for Theodora.

Avalon knows the secret of SoulMatch. When they’d tried to get her to conform, she’d resisted. Now, she’s the only one who can bring them down. She just needs a little help, and she thinks she can get it from the one person she’s been told to trust. The fact that Avalon is falling for that person and not for the man she’s meant to marry soon only complicates things further, but Avalon will have her revenge.

Avalon and Theodora will bring SoulMatch down because lives are at stake, and not just their own.

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