Stars on the Rise

The SunStone Grove Series, Book 1

By Sophia Quinn

Between Cassie's fake relationship and Maddie's distaste for the spotlight will the two of them ever be able to make it work?

Cassie Shane’s star is on the rise. She was one of the finalists on a reality TV show for singers, winning her fame and a new career as a country singer. During the show she entered into a fake relationship with her competitor Tyler Davis. Her arrangement with Tyler is coming to a close and she’s ready to move on. Seeking a way to boost her success even further her manager suggests making an album with country legend Maddie McClain. Unfortunately, in order to get Maddie on board it looks as though Cassie is going to have to make her way to the small town of SunStone Grove. Maddie was her idol growling up and her first celebrity crush. So if a trip to some small town is what it takes to work with her then Cassie is game.

Maddie McClain gave up life in the spotlight years ago. She’s content living a small town life. She owns her own bar and writes songs for other musicians on the side. So the last person she expected to see sitting at her bar was Cassie Shane. The woman offers Maddie a deal that’s too good to be true. Before she knows it Cassie Shane is sleeping in her guest house and they’re writing an album together. The attraction is instant, but Maddie has been doing this a long time. She knows Cassie Shane is the wrong person to fall for. They both agree they should keep their relationship professional, maybe even friendly. But definitely not romantic. Their attraction only grows and it seems like they might be on the verge of something more. Between Cassie’s fake relationship and Maddie’s distaste for the spotlight will the two of them ever be able to make it work? If you like a romance that is steamy and sweet, with friends who become family, witty dialogue and fun side characters then this is the book for you.

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