Stealing Her Heart

By C. A. Hall

As a thief, the last thing Tess expects to steal is another's heart.

Not all wealth comes from money. It’s a hard lesson Tess has yet to understand.

Tossed out of her pride for being too small, Tess is used to living on the streets and has done her best to survive. Her smaller feline form allows her to slip in and out of houses unnoticed, which means she can land a bigger score.

So long as she doesn’t get caught, that is.

Surrena lives the kind of life Tess can only dream about, but much like Tess, she’s trapped. Desperate for a change, the she-wolf welcomes the thief slinking in her bedroom and offers the feline a job. If Tess can get Surrena out of an arranged mating, she’ll be free.

And let’s face it, Tess could really use the money.

It’s the perfect pairing, but as with all things in life, nothing is as it seems.

Stealing Her Heart is an enemies to lovers paranormal romance about a wolf who wants out and a feline who needs to lay low for a few days.

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