Storm Chasers: Tornado

The Storm Chasers Series, Book 1

By Scott Kujawa

Haley and Aimee chase tornados.

Haley always wanted to be a storm chaser. She knew she’d meet her ex since Aimee lived in an area where tornado outbreaks were common, but she hoped it didn’t happen often enough for them to interact. What Haley didn’t plan for was working with her ex after learning Aimee was in danger when a tornado destroyed her truck. Nor did she plan on the storm changing her.

Aimee’s interest in chasing storms grew after meeting Haley when they were in college. Their relationship ended after she returned to her home in the south. This didn’t mean she didn’t keep track of Haley’s adventures as a storm chaser. She never stopped loving her ex, but their lives took different paths. Those feelings returned when she met and worked with Haley during a recent tornado outbreak.

Their relationship wasn’t the same after the outbreak. The storms changed them, but neither knew how much they’d need each other in the future.

Book one of the Storm Chasers contains: tornadoes, two exes, and their co-workers.

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