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Contemporary Romance
Trigger/Content Warning:
Domestic abuse, thoughts of suicide

Stranger on the Shore

By Claire Highton-Stevenson

Quinn Harper is living the life she always wanted.

She’s well-liked and respected by everyone and has been a success in life with awards to prove it. She spends her free time running along the shore, returning to her quiet home on the beach.

It was almost the perfect life, but there was one thing missing: Love.

And when she notices the stranger sitting on the shore, she has no idea just how much that moment will impact the rest of her life.

Natasha is a mystery. A woman broken and on the verge of doing something drastic, Quinn is moved to help. Befriending and earning her trust, they begin to build a relationship and a story that could have been written for the TV show Quinn works on.

Stranger on the Shore is a love story from start to end, but with a rollercoaster of a middle as Quinn navigates life with and without Natasha.

Because love, is never simple, is it?

Available through Kindle Unlimited
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