Submissive Princess: Royal Slut

The Submissive Princess Series, Book 1

By Riley Rose

Will this Princess learn to be submissive to a rival Queen she has to marry?

Princess Aaylani is the most beauitful princess in the Seven Queendoms. To avert a war, she must marry Queen Jaiyanna of the neighboring nation of Sosha, a woman known for her kinky domination of her partners.

With the help of her handmaiden and best friend Misty, Aaylani tries to prepar for the trials ahead by having Misty discipline her in extremely sensual ways and test out every sex toy in the palace on her tight princess parts.

And Misty isn’t the only one ready to help, which Aaylani finds out when she journeys to Sosha on a ship commanded by the fierce and beautiful Faye Chamirel, who’s very willing to show the Princess what she can do with her muscles.

Find out how submissive this Princess gets in this sexy erotic fantasy!

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