Submitting to My Supernatural Neighbors: Box Set 1-3

The Supernatural Submission Box Set Series, Book 1

By Riley Rose

Elena submits to her sexy witch, vampire, and werewolf neighbors!

Elena Cortez lives in the best neighborhood ever, filled with all manner of sexy supernatural women. Though she has no idea about the paranormal powers of her soon-to-be paramours. Or how they’ll make her the biggest supernatural slut in history!

Will Elena give in to Cassia, the beautiful witch who wants to stick her wand in places that will give Elena witch-tastic orgasms? Or will she choose sensual and curvy vampire Juliana, who has persuasive powers to make Elena do whatever submissive thing she wants? Or maybe Kaia, the muscular and sexy werewolf who wants to show Elena what it means to be the Alpha Wolf?

Find out if Elena can survive the ultimate tests of supernatural submission to her sexy and powerful lovers in these three fun and erotic stories!

This collection contains Books 1-3 of the Supernatural Submission Series:

Book 1 – Submitting to My Neighbor the Witch
Book 2 – Submitting to My Neighbor the Vampire
Book 3 – Submitting to My Neighbor the Werewolf

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