Sugarplums, Spells, & Snowflakes

A Christmas Middle Grade Book

The Lyssa’s Holiday Hijinks Series, Book 3

By C.J. Kavanaugh

Baking is hard, but stirring in a dash of wonky magic, a dusting of competition, and a dollop of family drama is a recipe for disaster.

Ever since her mom came out, Lyssa and her family have been estranged from her paternal grandparents. Lyssa longs for the holidays to be the way they used to be, and she especially misses baking with her grandma.

A local baking competition seems like the perfect way to bring everyone back together. The only problem? Lyssa is a terrible baker. Then, like magic, while shopping for gifts, she finds a potion guaranteed to grant her heart’s desire.

But instead of a perfect family, Lyssa gets an unexpected guest: a snow spirit with broken magic who can’t go home until she grants Lyssa’s real wish.

Can Lyssa solve the snow spirit’s dilemma, win the baking competition, and restore her relationship with her grandmother before the Christmas bells ring?

From C.J. Kavanaugh comes the third book in her “Holiday Hijinx” series – a roller coaster ride of competition chaos mixed up with a heart-warming endeavor to reclaim holiday nostalgia.

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